27 September 2017

Green4Air – an exciting new product for Lows – is available to pre-order on our website now.

Green4Air is an innovative vertical garden system which is great for both indoor and outdoor use. The system can be used to plant a wide range of herbs and plants and is extremely easy to install and upkeep. The plates snap together and just need to be screwed into the wall. Because of the fantastic design, angles and curves are easily filled, meaning you do not have to stick to a traditional square pattern. The pods can be hooked directly onto existing mesh and fences as well.

Green4Air won the Overall New Product award at Glee 2016 and has gained lots of attention since then. The product is due into stock at the end of October, but is available to pre-order now. We recommend pre-ordering this item if you are interested and is available to do so here: Green4Air.

Speaking of ordering stock – all of our Christmas stock is now coming into the warehouse and is available to order now. The Christmas products are flying out the door as people are starting to open their Christmas departments and Grottos. It’s the most wonderful time of the year!


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